Example of Tailored Distributed Development Seminar Offering

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Following is a sample of information related to a typical tailored 1 day seminar for a Distributed Development team provided by PEM Systems.  This information will provide the reader with strategic information showing you how we help distributed development teams succeed.


Executive Summary

At PEM Systems we believe, based on our experience over the past ten years helping organizations succeed with distributed development, that to be effective, collaboration techniques must be integrated into a client’s management and development approach. 

In the proposed 1-day workshop your project leaders will learn key collaboration techniques along with approaches to integrate these techniques into existing management and development practices.  


Paul McMahon will deliver all training for this seminar.   The Author of “Virtual Project Management: Software Solutions For Today and the Future; he has successfully delivered similar Distributed Development seminars tailored specifically to the needs of critical projects in numerous high technology organizations. 


Paul’s past client’s, for which he has done similar seminars, include Raytheon, L3 Communications, BAE, Alion Science and Technology, Northrup-Grumman and the Department of the US Navy. 


This 1-day team building seminar will be developed and focused specifically on the key issues identified from discussions with your team leaders.  In this highly interactive seminar your Senior Managers and Directors will learn proven best distributed development practices through actual scenarios tailored to your organization’s needs demonstrating optimum solutions to collaboration challenges. 


Where possible our intent is to use your own project specific scenarios as this approach has proven most effective to aid learning and distributed project success. This is the best form of training to help people with the actual challenges they are facing on their real projects.  Through this workshop your Senior Managers and Directors will gain more than just the latest distributed development techniques and practices.  They will learn practical approaches to help solve current project challenges faced, and techniques to mitigate potential future risks. 


While seminars developed by Paul McMahon are based on his past distributed development research and personal case study experiences, as documented in his book, his tailored seminars reflect the most current and up to date thinking on how to best address today’s collaboration challenges. 


PEM Systems’ business strategy focuses on helping high technology distributed development organizations through a hands-on approach.  As a consultant Paul works directly with his client’s-- not telling them what to do-but collaborating with them to help them find their own optimal solution to their distributed development challenges.  His wealth of experience will be shared during this seminar, and his expertise can be made available subsequent to the seminar for follow up project guidance and support. 


Corporate History and Philosophy


Paul’s research into distributed operations began in the late 1990s after having participated on a number distributed development efforts where he began to realize that the common and unique characteristics of these efforts warranted a more systematic approach to help organizations facing future similar challenges.


IT consultant and project manager, Mike Tarrani, stated after evaluating Paul’s book from the perspective of an IT professional that Paul, “approaches the way to establish and effectively manage a virtual team by focusing on the key barriers and offering solutions…”


Today Paul McMahon has expanded his consulting work to include providing assistance to organizations that are looking to increase their agility and/or process discipline.  He promotes solutions through proven and practical lean principles.  Unlike many other industry leaders, Paul McMahon’s interest in the agile and lean movements was actually initiated by observing practices that worked best to achieve success when your teammates were not all located in the same physical space.  Paul’s philosophy reflects a belief that discipline and agility are not at odds and that Agility, Discipline and Collaboration integrated together is the best path to a winning strategy and successful projects.


Paul’s approach to training is to involve his seminar participants in learning optimum solutions by employing real world scenarios, facilitating participant brainstorming, and follow up reinforcement through sharing of proven best practices and pitfalls to avoid.   Paul’s philosophy reflects a goal of continual improvement which he accomplishes by staying actively involved on real projects working closely with many of his clients. 


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