What You Will Get From Working With PEM Systems

About Our Products    Whether you purchase a gap analysis, tailored workshop, tailored process training, or process improvement consulting you will have access to a wealth of lean techniques proven successful for others. 


Examples of What You Will Get    

  • A fundamental guiding principle to aid decisions when using the CMMI & Agility
  • Three (3) techniques to conduct a gap analysis leading to the most efficient and effective improvement plan for your organization
  • Three (3) techniques to run a lean process working group making the most effective use of your critical human resources
  • A wealth of agility and performance enhancing techniques encouraged by the CMMI, but too infrequently taken advantage of inside most organizations
  • Six (6) common areas where the CMMI can help most successful growing agile organizations
  • Two (2) proven techniques to gain buy-in of your organization (agile, or not) to the most commonly needed behavior changes
  • Two (2)  proven techniques to simplify gathering objective evidence for a CMMI appraisal
  • Multiple common pitfalls applying the CMMI in an Agile or traditional organization and how to avoid them
  • Multiple commonly held myths related to using the CMMI and an Agile approach together
  • Three (3) techniques to mitigate the risk of your CMMI Appraisal in an Agile Organization
  • Four (4) common pitfalls implementing a hybrid agile approach and proven techniques to avoid them
  • Multiple techniques to increase the efficiency of your process development and deployment
  • Direct access to the author of “Integrating CMMI & Agile Development: Case Studies & Proven Techniques for Faster Performance Improvement” to answer your specific questions

Affordable Rates: Don’t miss this great opportunity to save your company great pain and expense, by learning the lessons quickly others have learned the hard way!  Talk to us and learn how easy  it is to access our services.  Can work virtually.  Minimize travel costs.  Highly competitive hourly rate for most services.   For More Details on Training Products.

Who We Are, Why You Should Care, & How to Access Our Services

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